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Where do I find my account number?
Your account number can be found on your mailing label.

When does my subscription expire?
To check your account status, including payments received and subscription expiration date, please contact customer service by phone at 1-800-869-6882 or by email.

How can I renew?
To renew your subscription, simply click here.

How can I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription, please contact us toll free at 1-800-869-6882.

How can I get a replacement for a damaged issue?
If you have received a damaged issue, please call us at 1-800-869-6882 with the issue date and we will get a replacement copy out to you right away.

My issues keep arriving late, or not at all.
There could be several reasons for this, including an incorrect address or lack of renewal. In order for us to best serve you, please call us at 1-800-869-6882. (Please be sure to include the issue date of the last copy you've received.)

I'm not receiving my e-mail newsletter. What can I do?
In many cases the cause of the problem is that your e-mail program is filtering or blocking e-mails from us. If your e-mail software or provider has blocked or filtered any of these addresses, this would cause delivery problems:

We encourage recipients to add us to their address book.

H&HN Daily:
HFM Insider:
HFM News:
Inside Trustee:
HFM Design:
HFM Infrastructure:

If you still do not receive your e-mail newsletter you may also need to check with your IT department for further blocking or filtering issues.

How can I temporarily suspend delivery?
If you will be out of town or would like to temporarily suspend your issue for any reason, please call us at 1-800-869-6882. (Please be sure to include the issue date of the last copy you've received.)

I am receiving duplicate issues.
In order for us to resolve this matter, please provide the account number of both subscriptions and which one you would like to keep, by phone at 1-800-869-6882.

How can I purchase past issues?
Past issues can be purchased at our online store.

How can I purchase reprints of an article or a newsletter?
Click here to order reprints or to request a price quote, contact Barbara Novosel, reprints permissions editor at 312-893-6827, or by email.

How can I sign up for your e-mail products?
H&HN Daily - 
Keep up on daily information in the healthcare industry.
HFM Insider - (monthly) start the month with information from the top industry experts.
HFM News - (monthly) mid-month topline information to stay abreast of industry happenings.
HFM ES News - (every other month) covers environmental services and infection prevention.
Inside Trustee - (monthly) gives readers access to web-exclusive features on critical health care and governance issues. 
HFM Design News  - (every other month) covers architecture and interior design.
HFM Infrastructure News - (every other month) covers engineering and technology.


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